…On a journey

I’m not a storyteller, but once upon a little damsel born to a loving family. This family could not in the least be called wealthy. Nevertheless, there was this comfort they enjoyed. They had all they needed as and when necessary. in her growing up days, she’d recall the love showered her. It was contagious and worthy of envy.

At different times in her life, whatever she desired she got. In telling her story, she regrettably churned “i remember my younger days, my clothes were usually gotten from boutiques. i had clothes and accessories like water all around me. once i had told my Dad to stop buying clothes. Funny, you’d say “.

soon, reality struck! Events that would change her perspective to life started unfolding. the ‘overly pampered’, ‘loved by all’ began to go through terrible hardship of varying degree, i leave that to your imagination. She soon realized that life was not a bed of roses.

Life is a mixture she said. a dilution and and combination of positives and negatives. It has now dawned on her that it is not whether you fall, but that after you’ve fallen, you are able to pick up from where you fell and run with what you have.

She’d look me in the face and say “Rolly, the most important thing in life is knowing that nothing last forever. Life is a journey. i’m on a journey like every one else. Some on a journey of self- discovery, others on  a journey of self fulfillment”.

Life they say dishes out to one, whatever menu one’s appetite can take. One would never know the taste of some of life’s menu until one orders for it. Ironically, Life at times just dishes out some of it’s menu, you needn’t order for it. hahahahaha: Life’s benevolence you’d think.

which of the journey path are you on? the earlier you know the better for you. there’s no better time to start. Don’t rest on your oars until you get to your DESTIN(Y)ATION.


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  1. Temitopeoluwa Ogundeko says:

    Life indeed isn’t a bed of roses ooo.


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