Prof. Wole Soyinka’s response to insults hurled at him by Madam Pepe!

Prof. Wole Soyinka
An Analytical Piece With Prof. Wole Soyinka. He Has Obliged To Sharing This With As Many Nigerians As Possible. Please Share This With Friends And The General Public.
1. It’s No More about Subsidy Alone.

a] The American President has only TWO aircraft, our president has 9[Nine] in his fleet and has voted money recently to buy ONE more! Making it TEN!

b] The British prime Minister has only TWO official cars, our president has 23 in his pool and only recently voted 300Million Naira to buy TWO more bullet/bomb proof ones!

c] Senators in the US earn about $6,000 dollars monthly and that’s about what a university professor, or a director in a state department, or a doctor with 20years experience, or a teacher with 25years experience earn too, but Here in Nigeria a senator earns 245 million Naira per annum! That’s the salary of 25 vice chancellors, or 50 medical doctors, or 60 directors, or 500 school teachers!

d] The US, almost the size of Africa with about 500million people have 24 ministers, and 32 government parastatals and commisions, Nigeria has a whooping 42 cabinet ministers, and over 50[Fifty] government parastatals!

e] America with about 500million people and more mileage to drive consumes 39million litres of petrol daily, Nigeria with 150million people 60% out of which live in remote areas, yet our government tells us we consume about 35million litres of petrol daily!

2. Is Subsidy Really the Problem of Nigeria?

‘When you marry an illiterate woman as a wife, you will definitely make stupid decisions like jonathan’: wole soyinka spoke!

Our Dear President GoodLuck Jonathan has become a tyrant, a shandel, a shame, he has become the No.1 Enemy of Nigeria. Is this because we, Nigeria are yet to adopt to CHANGE? Change that only Jonathan can see? The End will justify everything. Pray for Nigeria! Pray for our Beloved Country.

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  1. Where is Naija heading to?


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