Truthfully Yours

For a while now, I’ve refused to upgrade my blackberry messenger (BBM), the reasons are not far fetched. I witnessed my girlfriend upgrade hers and unfortunately her contacts were utterly wiped off, and we both concluded it was a bad idea for us to do the upgrade. although she later confirmed it was her fault she lost her contacts due to the fact that she did not go through the proper process. nevertheless, I refused to embark on that exercise- i had a preconceived idea I was going to lose my contacts too(not to even think of the stress of getting them back aaarrgghh!). then it so happened on this faithful day, one way or the other, I responded to a prompting on my phone,. which, saw me uninstalling my BBM and alas what I was actually avoiding happened (so I thought). Then I exclaimed “that which I feared has befallen me”. this reminded me of the story of the man Job in the good books-  couldn’t but laugh at my folly.

So since the previous day, I’ve been trying to reinstall my blackberry messenger, it has refused to come up. not until the next morning. Guess you can figure out how many hours of sleep i’ve had between the night before and the following morning- all because of bbm you’d say( *eyes rolling* don’t crucify me yet! I’m getting somewhere).

All said and done. Voila, BBM came alive after all the jamboree and guess what? My contacts, my chats and all were intact!!! with better options and sophistication. In that instant, I learnt some life lessons. I wrote them down and thought i’d share.

  • Our mindset, fear of the unknown, voices and experiences of the past, if not evaluated properly will surely rob us of our future. These hinders us from taking the bold and needed step, a worthy risk, so much that we’d refuse to move from the inglorious position we’re in.
  • They rob us of FAITH. these elements help us trust only in our skills and abilities. Again, If we ‘think’ we don’t have skill and ability for something better, when opportunity arise, it slips by us because we would have rationalized and concluded ourselves “THIS IS HOW FAR I CAN GO”
  • No matter the level of our preparedness, if we are always mindful of our inadequacies, we wont go farther,  we won’t fulfill purpose. We’d keep about our comfort zone, which in turn will hinder us from accessing that which has been prepared for us. Brace Yourself Up!

Can you picture a scene where somethings are ours but we have refused to claim it because we assume and believe it must have been some form of mistake. Let’s not leave anything to chance. LET’S BRACE UP FOR CHALLENGE! LET’S TAKE WORTHY RISKS!!

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