Air Freshener

I was in a shuttle waiting for it to be filled with passengers when I noticed the driver wiping his dashboard and mirror (both rear and side) with an air freshener (block type). I thought it was weird, so I asked the driver,

use your seatbelt

Drivers now insist more than ever before that passengers use their seat belts (those who sit in front). We entered a cab driven by an old man. He insisted that the passenger sitting beside him use his seat belt. The next thing another passenger would say was

drivers also do

I have now officially concluded that it’s not only writers who suffer from ‘blocks’; drivers also do! Or how do you explain a situation where you continuously reiterate ‘o wa’ ‘o wa’ but still get to be taken past your bus stop. The first cab driver did not hear me say I want to get…

People of Lagos!

People of Lagos! I just enjoy relating their stories haha! The tricycle I boarded from home stopped to pick yet another passenger. I was still admiring this calm and neat passenger when he messed up my perceived complement.

Marie wasn’t bad afterall.

It was time to go home. Usually it will take an average time of 15 minutes for one to get a shuttle out of GRA in Ogudu. If one is lucky enough, one might get one as soon as one get to the stop. My colleague and I had barely spent 5minutes when she sighted…

Set Yourself Free from People Pleasing

‘…We ought to obey God rather than men.’Acts 5:29 AKJV Too often our actions are dictated by a misguided need to please others. We care so much about what they think that with every step we take we look over our shoulder to see whether they’re smiling or frowning. Understand this: if you’re always looking…


It is bad enough that people get to hear the sound you make when you are trying to produce spittle or phlegm from your throat. It is however totally unacceptable that after producing, you spit it straight out through the vehicle window. Even pedestrians are guilty of this act too. It upsets the sense of…