Marie wasn’t bad afterall.

It was time to go home. Usually it will take an average time of 15 minutes for one to get a shuttle out of GRA in Ogudu. If one is lucky enough, one might get one as soon as one get to the stop. My colleague and I had barely spent 5minutes when she sighted a young lady about to enter her car and drive towards us, she was optimistic that the lady was going to offer us a ride. I, almost immediately puncturing her hope said it’s not feasible, especially because she is a female (you all can guess why). She replied me “what about Priscilla?” (Priscilla was a former colleague) “..She helps people now!” “That’s Priscilla” I said. “We know the kind of person she is” I retorted. Lo and behold, the lady did stop and offered us a ride to my amazement.
Half way through the ride, she broke the ice and asked for our names. She gave hers too and we had a little chat. Trust me; I had to confess to her that I already made wrong conclusion that she wasn’t going to help. She in turn laughed and said “ha ha now! I know we are bad but we are not that bad” (she was referring to the female gender). She further confessed that she actually did pick us because we are ladies, and we were looking like we’ve stood at the bus stop since forever ‪#‎Lol‬. She took us farther than we expected too.
Meanwhile, earlier at the bus stop (just before this incidence played out), I had prayed for a direct cab from the estate to Ojota but it is so glaring I didn’t have faith in that same prayer.

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