Èkó Òní Bàjé…

It seems we are yet to grasp the full import of the going green campaign that has been on for quite sometime now. You move around the streets and highways in Lagos and find people (even those who should know better) trample on grasses that have been painstakingly grown. I bet those who grow the grasses on the lawns and gardens too are wise enough to create a pathway for people to walk through(I see pathways). So why have we refused to do things right? Even in our private world, some of us appreciate the aesthetic effect of such gardens around us but we lack the patience and time to groom and likewise cannot afford to expend some money on a gardener. We thus still go ahead and plant, leave at the mercies of the sun, rain and all other weather conditions you can think of, after which it withers. Its end is to be pulled out or cut down as the case may be. That saying “when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable” is as true as the day. We need more sensitization or better still people must learn best practices in all spheres… Don’t start what you can’t maintain.
Freedom Park, Lagos

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