Power Show!

Is it not an irony that an okada rider be telling a tricycle driver (keke napep in local parlance) that “your (plural) wahala too much” on Lagos roads? I asked myself the question, who should be chased off our roads if not okada riders?. They have done more harm than good. They can however be termed ‘necessary evil’.
As is the usual practice, none of the road users wanted to be the “stoop to conquer individual” Everyone including private car owners were not left behind in this rave of ‘ma…’. Suddenly, a man from nowhere got hold of a tricycle, pushing it backwards away from the road. He did it with such gusto! The amazing thing was that the tricycle had 4 passengers including the driver and the man could still make that move! Shoo! (and don’t begin to think that was my tricycle o). That scene just confirmed my presumption that windy rains can actually sweep tricycles off the road!

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