Shortcuts; Not always short in the long run.

At the mention of a likely holiday, Nigerians are always too full of excitement. The story started today with lamentations of the ‘No thorough fare’ Monday to suggestions on how the driver can manoeuvre his way to get us to our destination in good time. One of the passenger had this to boast about- he has spent over 20years in Ogba so he knows his way around (short cuts). Well, the confirmation of the days of the Muslim holidays caused a roar of excitement. In the midst of it all, Driver still had to seek our opinion on which way to head. The suggested short cuts or the normal way? Everyone including the boaster chorused, “the normal way”, a passenger said in resignation “… not all of us have our cars on the roads yet and the hold up is as terrible! What happens when we all now have our personal cars?” The simple explanation for the unusual traffic earlier today was that a LAG bus hit another vehicle by the side and the rest is history… my Driver eventually put the blame on the devil “the devil is a liar”. I hail Naija!

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