The log in your eyes

I was still aghast at the skirt length of a lady who walked past me(she was on her way to work) when on getting to the park, another caused a stir and an uproar… She was barely covered. And to think she is so endowed… People(females) spoke atop their voices “she should be stripped since that’s what she wants” “she should be arrested” one agbero even mouthed “na all those demons wey come from river”. The lady had a good laugh. Shameless, she entered a bus… end of story. I admit she was really a distraction, but did we need all that outburst. Where is her freedom of expression? Her right? Lol! These same set of people shunt queues, usurp, and break rules… I see this as a matter of physician heal thy self because all sins no matter how insignificant they look are on the same pedestal ‘SIN’

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