Compulsory Exercise

The morning after, I got me a 25mins ‘compulsory exercise’… the estate where my work place is situated was practically on a lock down. Today was set aside for the inspection of payment receipts of the Estate’s Resident dues. Show your evidence of payment, you are allowed to go out of the Estate, if not, get turned back at the gate… hahaha. Shuttles couldn’t work either. My interest in all of these was the fact that I saw men and women who deferred their ages and got out to make sure that residents paid their dues. They are not younger than 50years of age (by their looks and maturity)… and don’t think they do not have anywhere to go. I bet they are bosses in their own right. That’s community service if I must say. I am also aware that some other organised residential areas also engage in this. I think it is worthy of emulation… holding people accountable thereby making them become more responsible for their immediate environment and in their sphere of influence.
As I was still ruminating on and admiring the act (while walking on), I saw a company’s security man pick up a 100naira note that laid on the floor. It apparently dropped off somebody else. I heard him say ‘make I pick this one abeg’ (paraphrased), just then another man walking past replied “na your luck jare”. I frowned at that and thought “that was how some others got ‘lucky’ and was turned to either yam, money or what have you”. I think we just must learn to be content no matter the situation one finds oneself… whether one thinks one is poor or otherwise.
I continued with my compulsory exercise anyway. Seems somethings just happen so I can have some feed! Lol. *winks*

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