Baba Ibadan ‘chykes’ Sisi Eko

I tried to get busy with my phone(I entered the big yellow bus tonight which wasn’t comfortable for me). Some minutes into the journey I heard a voice right behind me “My whatsapp is for special… (my ears couldn’t pick the last phrase). It was a lady apparently being ‘chyked’ by a guy. Aproko no good o! Lol. I had to sit up but had my earpiece on so I don’t seem to them like I’m eavesdropping (covering my eyes).
The man mumbled some words, the lady said “I can barely hear you”, then he replied “You are proving too hard to get”. (shoo!) I can imagine the expression on the lady’s face (I didn’t get to see their faces until someone got down at a particular bus stop) good enough, I was the last person by the door. It meant I had to get down.. yippee! This gave me the privilege to really see their faces. In actual fact, I was disappointed to see the man who was ‘disturbing’ the babe. I am sorry but I reasoned “has he taken care of the one he left at home?” Moving on, the babe couldn’t wait to get off the bus (she looked so exhausted). She eventually did get down before the last bus stop after all the drama. We were almost at the garage when the man, wanting to get off the bus too said “Esilekun ka bole (in Ibadan accent) chai!… As if that drama wasn’t enough laughter for me, I heard a guy passing say ‘which load them carry sef’ (he was referring to a lady’s bum). I couldn’t but burst into laughter and shook my head. The expression (if you know what I mean) was too much for me to ignore…

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