Female Shunter

…And that’s how a woman came from nowhere and started to push to enter the available car in the garage. She was even gunning for the front seat! People on queue whose turn it is to enter the car shielded her from accessing the doors. Then she said she is in a hurry, she needs to get moving fast… shoo! What about the people on the queue? Some of us actually thought she is not alright mentally. She continued “if anything happens to me, will you wait?” she caught them off guard. Some responded ..but that’s not a good approach, at least you would explain or beg… “You people are wicked people, if I tell you, will you answer me?”. To cut the long story short, someone forfeited her space eventually. Moreover, the car was not as comfortable, so there was no point. Na wa sha o! What do we say to that kind of behaviour?

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