Conversation with the driver

See me see driver o. I sat quietly in the front seat of this private car turned cab, when some few miles away he said I was supposed to pay double fare. Then this conversation ensued
Me: why?
Driver: it is my usual practice to carry two passengers in front.
Me: We’ve stopped that practice long ago, haven’t we?
Driver: Those who made that law have majority of the cabs plying our roads. If one of their cabs gets apprehended by law enforcers, their release is just a call away.
Me: that’s not a good enough reason for flouting the law
Driver: it is o
Me: (after a long pause I asked) or is it because of my stature?
Driver: hmmnn what stature? What religion do you practice?
Me: (curious…I hesitated but then had a rethink) I am a Christian
Driver: which of the churches…
Me: a bible believing church where God is worshipped in Spirit and in truth.
Driver: You should give thanks for the stature you have. (I looking askance, was wondering where the conversation was leading to). If you were asked to run from Ketu to Ikorodu, you would do that without hesitating. Tell a fat woman to do so, she wouldn’t have gotten half way before she faints. (Shaking my head, I thought that was weird).
Anyways, I brought out my pad to write, just then he asked if all what he said was what I wanted to pen down (He caught me there but I brushed his words aside). If that is so, I would rather shut up o. (that was actually what I wanted to achieve and I did achieve it). He was beginning to talk too much… he succeeded in making me give him my Mentos chewing gum though after I refused to give him of the biscuits I bought for my homies. At least I was able to help him exercise his mouth in another way. ‪#‎whew‬

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