Give my passenger back!

That moment you have a feeling that the driver of the tricycle you entered will soon tell you to get down and join another one because you are the only one in his (there was no other passenger in sight). Indeed it was so. After making us wait, and go round and round, he eventually got to a stop and asked the tricycle parked there (he was also looking out for passengers) if he has change to give to me (the former one claims he does’t have change that’s why he discharged me from his cycle). Well I got down eagerly and boarded the next one. Almost immediately, the former tricycle got another passenger, and beckoned on me to come back and enter his own tricycle. Shoo! Am I a ball to be tossed round? (your guess is as good as mine). My new driver just moved on, saying “you give me passenger, you wan come collect am back”. Like I care…!

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