Lost But Found.

It was a favoured morning for me today. I didn’t have to be on the queue for a long period before getting a bus. In the midst of the heavy traffic, I decided to get busy by filing my nails (I am getting to overcome my nail biting habit. so anytime I notice my nails needs some filing, I do immediately regardless of where). While at it, my nail file dropped(thank God I could retrieve it). As I sort through the side of the seat, I found someone’s ATM card. I knew it would have fallen off the pocket of the person who occupied the space before I boarded the bus. I was in a dilemma of what to do about it (The ATM is still valid). After getting good advice from a dear one, I eventually decided I was going to drop it at the nearest GTB bank(which would mean that I would have to get down @ the second NNPC filling station on Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun). It was not as comfortable(judging by the time of day) but I thought it was achievable. I guess OLUKOYA ADEBAYO IDOWU is on facebook, and Akinwale Ekundayo is his friend on FB, please your ATM card is at the above mentioned GTB. I am sure you should have gotten a call or sms by now that your property has been found. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that as I got to Ojota, My wristwatch fell unnoticed but my attention was called to it and I went back to pick it up. Would have been hurt if I had lost it (A precious piece from a precious unforgettable one)

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