A BRT Tale

I had the opportunity of entering one of the new BRT buses earlier today. The ticket was generated from the POS. I think that’s kinda wise. Ok, I was trying to get me a good seat in the bus, when I heard ‘welcome to our midst’ from some set of people. I got curious ‘abi one chance don dey operate for brt bus ni?’ Now amused, the four (1 male, 3 females) engaged me in a conversation; they wanted to know who was darker between one of them and me. Guess what the resolve was? I am darker. Na so I black reach? I love me though… Meanwhile, I don’t think some Nigerians can change their filthy behaviour. The bus was so dirty… Aaarggh! While still trying to soak in my experience, something came up at one of the terminals. One of the BRT officials came in to inspect our tickets, (it’s a usual check to be sure you don’t go past the limit of the amount of ticket bought) unfortunately for a guy, he misplaced his. Consequently, He was told to get down and pay for another ticket. Long story short- he was not allowed to continue the journey with us.


#‎ticketsareforkeeps‬ ‪#‎ACtight‬


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