Lagos Mobile Courts: Next Level

Good News!
I’m here to herald that Lagos State has inaugurated a mobile court.

This is to ensure that on the spot judgment is given to traffic offenders in Lagos.

Although date of commencement has not been verified, Please make sure you keep to the State’s traffic law from now as it will not be business as usual.

Mobile courts will be moving around in black maria vehicles with Policemen, lawyers, cashier, and towing vehicles.

As earlier said, immediate punishment will be meted out to offenders in form of fines. If the condition of release is not met, offenders might be taken to jail.

Pass the information to your brothers, sisters, friends, uncle’s, church members, colleagues, neighbours and everybody.

Do not say you were not told.

Thank you.

What a relief that would be for all law abiding citizens if indeed officials will carry out this directive to the letter. I’m afraid that greed may soon take over… I pray not.
Eko oni baje o!
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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