A Survival Tactic In Economic Recession

You’ll always know a novice by his/her thoughts and/or actions. Lol. As I waited at Osborne Foreshore Estate roundabout at Ikoyi area of Lagos, a jeep stopped by and asked where I was headed. I shook my head. Never mind I oreplied (I was confidently waiting for the person whom I’d ride home with). There and then some thoughts roamed my head ‘what kind of question is that?12788065_10153972118552363_1279671042_n why did he want to offer me a ride, …’ (No be my fault e). As I waited a little longer, I noticed, some others entered the jeep, that was when I realised the jeep was used as a cab by its owner. He was headed for Oshodi. For those conversant with the route, its not a new practice as I noticed that for every 6 private cars that passed, 2 did the same thing as the jeep man. Even an Army officer o! #economycrunch? #manmustsurvive #noulteriormotivelikeithought #dairyofalagoscommuter

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  1. kemi says:

    It’s actually a common practice around that axis

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    1. daughtozi says:

      I figured eventually.


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