Call It A Tarpaulin Not Keke!

Funny how Keke Napep’s driver be calling a fellow driver’s keke tarpaulin! As I flagged down a tricycle on my way from church to Ogba busstop, I noticed the upper part of the seat where passengers rest their backs was out of place, I had to ask why before I entered (that’s one of the tactics I developed over the months since the one chance saga. I use the question time to survey…) he explained that he did that as a form of disguise to distract policemen from stopping him. He had been to Orile earlier on charter and on his way back bought fuel in a keg. Satisfied with his explanation, I entered the tricycle. Hardly had we moved when this rickety tricycle drove past, my driver had to exclaim “se na keke be dis?” I was also amused. I replied him “you wey dey talk, wetin your keke take different from that one wey pass?” (It was actually far better, I just didn’t want him to over hype himself). He retorted “instead of me to drive that keke, I go go repair am. That one na tarpaulin”. Well I wish I could have a picture for you to see but it was late. I concluded that it is obvious that these drivers know the kind of treatment they subject passengers to at times, especially when they think passengers have no choice. I blame them less sha. Man must put food on his family’s table. Ok but which one is this harassment by police officers too? Is it wrong for drivers to carry fuel in their tricycles? I hope I would not have to put up pictures of those I see harassing tricycle drivers o! #letsalwaysbeontherightsideofthelaw #onlythencanwebejustified #transportsystemoverhaul #diaryofalagoscommuter

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  1. aduralere says:

    Engaging. There’s this tiny 7-seater bus Ilorin schools are commuting students in, but drivers carry 4, 4,2 instead of 3-3-1, Aaarrgh, makes transportation from town to academic area quite a disgust…and, we cannot talk!


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