Antics Of An Okada Man

See me see Oshoffri bike man o. I asked if he has change because I was going to give him 500 naira for a 100 naira fare.

Bike Man (Aboki): With all this baff ups?

Me: (laughing so hard) because I baff up say make I con leave 400 naira for you shey? Bobo nice, Apa l’on je be.

Bike man: (still smiling) what is that?

Me: ask your fellow Yoruba bike men, they’d tell you what ‘Apa’ means.

Bike man: No, I want you to tell me

Me: (was he flirting?) I don’t know how to interpret, so ask them (end of discussion).

I got down at my stop and was reluctant to give him the money (I wanted him to hand me my change first, just in case he was serious about not giving it to me), I defied the thought though and gave him the money. As he stretched forth the 400 naira, he asked again, you go collect am? Shoo! Abeg give me my change… so he actually meant what he was saying? Ok, now I know this economic crunch is biting hard on so many people o. We need some rescue team please.





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  1. Hide says:



    1. daughtozi says:

      Lol. He wanted to see if he can work his way to my heart. That moment you think the other person cares about what you say. I am dead to public opinion. Ciao!


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