Smart move!

Lagos drivers be thinking they are smart o. Lol. The one who drove the tricycle I boarded this evening added a little amount of money on the usual fare from Ogba bus stop to Akilo area. I was the first to board so I asked him why he had to put additional 20naira on the fare to make it 70naira. He replied that was the new fare, enlightening me about the fuel situation as if I was a novice. Resigning to fate, I waited for the Koke to get filled. Soon, another passenger came along and asked the same question, driver just flared up , won a de ma beere pe kilode bi e ni pe won o mo nkan to wa nita (people be asking questions like they don’t know what is happening in the society)… I was amused at the way his Yoruba sounded. Egan man! Hahaha. He ranted on and on and almost cursing. Yet another passenger came along and this time, this particular one stood his ground saying he had only 50bucks and that’s what he was going to pay. We eventually got going. The guy actually paid 50 naira and the driver collected it gladly, then I got to my bus stop, paid 70naira but the driver said was he doesn’t have change, and asked if I would collect 20naira. Shoo! Omo, you should see my red eye “so you fit collect 50 naira from someone and you no wan give me my change? Abeg you go find my 30 naira o” I retorted. He searched and gave me my due change o. Can you imagine the funny driver…He promised the next time I board his tricycle, he is not going to collect the fare from me, all I need to do is mark his face so I can remind him! See me see driver o. Who falls for that kind of gimmick in Lagos?

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