My Law Abiding Dad!

That’s how my father, having spent so many years in the States came home some weeks ago.

Having encountered Lagos life he became weary of the characters and behaviours on the streets. Hahaha.

So it was on this very day at the MM2 airport road, wanting to make a crossing from one side of the road to another my dad stepped on the zebra crossing. The car approaching did not even give a damn. My dad refused to step away from the zebra crossing o, somebody had to draw him back. E Ma ko ba wa o.

Afterwards he started explaining what was right for the driver to have done…

Zebra crossing is big deal in the developed world.image

Again, on the way home another individual parked wrongly at the adjoining street leading to his own street, my dad again moved closer to him and began ‘you are wicked’ (trying to tell him he was wrong to have obstructed the road). Sighs! (Me)

‘Somebody needs to fix this thing’ he said

Pale, hmmm! (Me clearing throat), this is not America o, Na Lasgidi. Softly, softly, dey do am! I like that spirit though. Some of us are beginning to demand and do what is right so others can follow. We will get there. It may take a while, but we are willing to take a step!

Happy fathers’ day to you dad and to all dads who’ve been openly and secretly reading my stories! You give me the impetus to keep scripting. Cheers!!!

Photo credit : Ronchess

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  1. aduralere says:

    Ha Haha Hahaha. Wow… Nice to see another side of you aunt


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