The Fear of LASTMA…

The fear of LASMA is the beginning of profit!

As we rode on the roads of Lagos this beautiful morning, we had a stop at a traffic light around Ogba. Suddenly, someone came near the driver from the rear pretending to be an officer. The driver was so afraid until he realized one of his colleagues was trying to play pranks on him.

“Why you dey do like this na” (smiling thankfully) “you no know say LASMA don dey wear mufti now…” The driver uttered.

Everyone, including the passengers he carried laughed over it. Then I said he need not be afraid if he did the right thing. Another passenger cut in “he is guilty. He carried someone by his side”. I replied ” sure I’m aware. I’m just trying to point out the fact that he should always do the right thing”.

When teased, the driver said “na money I dey find na. And you suppose fear. If you no fear LASMA, you no go even take 2000 Naira reach house. So you go fear small and be strong small.

I shook my head and thought “isn’t it better to have peace of mind at your place of work rather than having to always watch your back?” At the end of the day you end up using your sales to bail yourself after you have been caught on the wrong side of the law.


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  1. Susan says:’s betterto have peace of mind sis than to live in fear everyday of our lives and these cut across all aspects of our lives


    1. daughtozi says:

      Absolutely sis. There’s nothing as good as peace of mind. Thank you. Please invite others to like the blog and page. Cheers


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