Look before you Say!πŸ•΅πŸΌπŸ€“

That moment you thought you saw something then it turned out to be another!

The driver of the tricycle I entered earlier today was scouting for passengers Β (he couldn’t have made do with only me in the tricycle) when he stopped to pick up a woman and ‘her son’, so I thought.

I made room for her thinking she was going to carry her “son” on her laps, but he entered and also sat down. I felt ” oh! That’s better…” Until they started conversing in their dialect and behold, he was a man. Oh my!

I had to look a second time though discreetly! He was so short but elderly. I just did eyes front! Some of you would’ve known the part of the country he comes from by now.

The saying ‘assumption is the lowest form of knowledge’ runs true here. We need to always get our facts right before jumping into conclusions. I may just have uttered something untoward and that would have been ‘gobellin’ for me e. Hmmnn!

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