Rain, still the best sanitizer👷🌧

That moment PSP officials leave your environment more polluted than it was before their arrival. That spill on the floor can cause a 360 degree calibration in one’s system. Your faeces ain’t got nothing on it. Lol. If only it could pour, I prayed. I got answers. The rain came pouring and purified the atmosphere….

Men!!! What ail thee?💁

That moment you think 50 Naira can get you a babe! Lol! I boarded a tricycle from my area on my way out to Ogba. As usual the driver stopped to pick up a passenger. As we journeyed, I noticed that same passenger gave me a look. I wasn’t comfortable but later thought it was…

Street Light at noonday!

It was weird seeing the streets light on this noon. I however was grateful it is functioning. I have a dream that one day, the streets and homes in Lagos and indeed Nigeria will experience constant supply of electricity. It will no longer be a luxury! #theyellowglow #claybusstop #Oregun

Annoyingly Melodramatic 😡👺

#flashbackfriday It was last week Friday when we boarded a bus on our way to Ketu from Ojodu Berger expressway. The journey went smooth until suddenly we had a blast! One of the front tyres got burst (driver’s side). Oh, you should have been there to experience the way some women burst out in shouts…