Men!!! What ail thee?๐Ÿ’

That moment you think 50 Naira can get you a babe! Lol!

I boarded a tricycle from my area on my way out to Ogba. As usual the driver stopped to pick up a passenger.

As we journeyed, I noticed that same passenger gave me a look. I wasn’t comfortable but later thought it was normal to check out one’s co passengers for security purpose.

Some minutes later, I felt his eyes still fixed on me. I got really concerned that I had to look into his eyes just for him to realize I am aware of his actions. He didn’t bulge. He kept sizing me up at intervals.

I didn’t know what got me today because I would’ve just asked him what the matter was. However, I wasn’t going to let anyone disrupt my day. My mind was on my destination.

As expected, as soon as we got to the last bus stop, he decided to pay my fare. I objected at first but soon allowed him pay for his folly. I appreciated his gesture with a thank you, got down to make my way to the other side of the road only for me to hear him call out “wa”. “Wa si bo?” I said to myself (but looked back at him wryly while i ignored the call).

I bought what I needed and made a crossing back to the side where he had been waiting for me. I Walked past him before he asked if I was going further. I hesitated “I am going…not too far”. “Do you stay at Mobil?”
“Mobil is my bus stop”
Walking closer now “what is your name?”
I smiled and shook my head. (Not today)
“I am shy o!” He said.
I looked back at him and my expression was “like seriously?”
I gave him my rechristened name-Bisi… Lol
When he realised I am Yoruba, he switched to vernacular
“Se mo le pe e” (can I give you a call)
“No you can’t” I replied in English.
By this time, I was almost making another crossing to get another bus to where I intended. Guess he saw that this babe would not gboriwole, he made a detour.

Men!!! What ail thee that some of you can’t ignore anyone in skirt? Na wa! And to think he was one spent man! He’s looking for fresh blood abi? No be here!

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