…Still I wonder✍🏾

Drivers and their wonders! 

It was evening around Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos. I need not tell you how rowdy and rough the roundabout leading to Ipaja always is at this time of the day. 

I’m surprised the roads are getting bad again and the heavy down pour did not help matters. Whew😫😓!

Even the Police supposed to bring order on that road were busy seeing to other things… You know na….

While still trying to take in these things (it’s been a while I’ve been around that area. I thought things would have changed), I heard one of us (so I thought) say ‘same to you sir’ repeatedly. 

It was until I paid attention, that I realised it was the driver (ours) responding to another driver’s curses! (I’m sure you can imagine the type of words hurled at him).
Interesting I must say! 

I guess this driver has chosen to be wiser than the other one, oh at least he’s saner than the one screaming curses around! 

And don’t think it’s only danfo drivers who cuss. Even those we presume sane do!

But then, I wondered, if we really are self governed, even on our roads, the tendency to cuss and be cussed will be highly diminished. Don’t you think so?

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