Wooing In The ‘Name of The Lord’!😜

It rained cats and dogs yesternight that it took determination on my part to step out of my home. It was time for vigil.

On getting to Ogba bus stop, there was not a single tricycle on ground as a result of the down pour. I bet you all know when it rains in any part of Lagos, it’s not always palatable as we haven’t learnt the right way of using our drainage systems. Dirts struggle with and ultimately displace water from our drainages. The only secure place it gets therefore are our roads!

I, under my umbrella waited patiently, praying silently that a tricycle would come along. Just then I saw a man navigate towards me, he located himself beside me, under the protective arm of my umbrella without permission. 

It was only after he got comfortable that he remembered he needed to have asked for permission. It didn’t really bother me because I felt there’s no harm in sharing and helping. 

However, there’s something about men and their moves that I get to decipher. It may be because they’ve been around me from my tender ageπŸ˜€. Sixth sense, you may want to call it!

He soon started to make moves as to how he’d strike a convo with me. He rapped on about the rain, traffic et al. I answered some of his questions but soon stopped. 

“Are you a Nigerian?” (Oh Lord, my ear don hear wen for this Lagos!). Don’t I sound Nigerian? I asked. “You are sounding like those Ghanians…”

I gave him the ‘I know your type’ kind of look.

He was beginning to sound like a broken record, so I started to sing. “Are you in the choir?” He asked. “Yes”, I replied reluctantly. “Which church?” “Latter Rain Assembly”! “Oh I have a lot of pastor friends there” (Hmmnn! If he knew who he was talking to…) I nodded but kept mute just so he could stop. 

He’d mutter some ‘christianese’ at intervals. Lol.

He continued, “do you have any programme coming up soon?” I replied in the negative. He kept on with his pestering questions. He asked if I had a phone! Shoo! I just shrugged! 

When he saw I wouldn’t bulge, he asked if I knew a church not far from mine (referring to the New Anointing church). I replied in the affirmative. This gave him a fresh ray of hope haha! 

He mentioned there was going to be a conference coming soon, and if I didn’t mind I could give him my contact so he could send me the invite. I told him I have a lot of people attending the church so I’m always abreast of programmes taking place there. He went on “it’s a closed conference for Pastors and officials o, so you may not know….” I smiled wryly “the people I know there are at the core of affairs, so I would know…” It’s getting interesting right? Haha.

He began preaching to me on how I must not be selfish with the good news. 

I retorted, since you are born again, I need not belabour the good news. He smiled… I refused to give him the number. 

Another move… “Are you single or married’? I gladly raised my finger up for him to see the ring placed there. (Smiling) “oh! I see”. That simple expression of mine brought about another sermon! (oh my! I suffered ehπŸ™„)

“Your man is an understanding man for him to leave you to go for vigil o…. Not everybody can do it. I can’t!…. Hold him tight o….” “So you mean you don’t have a phone”
(I kept at shrugging)…

Meanwhile, I was praying and watching out for my momma and sister (I left the house before them) to arrive at the bus stop so I can have the opportunity to end the torture in form of a conversation. 

God heard me, they got there when I needed them most. I beckoned on them with immediate effect and didn’t wait to say goodbye.πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»

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