What Is Bad Is Bad!

The attitude we citizens display on our roads leave much to be desired always! We are as lawless as our rulers! Scratch that! Our rulers are as lawless as we are!

I boarded a tricycle as usual on my way home this evening. The driver got to a T-junction around Ogba, saw that there was no way he could go without causing gridlock on the driveway opposite his, still he ignored and moved in just because no LASTMA official was in view. 

I was still thinking of how to reprove the driver when a LASTMA official came from the rear to shoo him and other erring drivers back. I heard a private car owner say “when you were not there to control traffic…” “so you mean you can not do what is right without being told?” The officer retorted. 

All of us in the tricycle except one lady affirmed the officer. Her point was the officer was wrong not to be at her station. Our point was we need not always wait for someone to tell us what we know is the right thing to do. Why do we have brains? 

It was further into our discussion, as we journeyed on, that we discovered she has a lingering disgust for officials especially those at the T-junction. According to her, they are merciless. When you are caught, they don’t ‘hear story’. Lol. 

All the same, it’s high time we called a spade a spade! When will the change begin when we the people lack self governance? Biko tell someone to tell someone that what is bad is bad, it has no other appellation! Chikena 

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