VIO officials… Worst distraction🕵

“White dey there”!

That was the phrase that kept flying on the roads this morning. 

VIO officials came to play. Lol

Even tricycle drivers kept away from possible ‘VIO infested’ routes.

Now my driver had tried all routes leading out of Ogba, and it seemed he wouldn’t succeed. 

At the initial stage of this drama, passengers showed pity for him but it got to a point we had to caution him to get his acts right!😡 we had places to go after all!

The driver eventually had respite on the Agege motor road via Ashade market. 

It’s a usual thing that after such incidences, passengers still get to chatter. As the chattering went on, one of us mentioned that VIO officials request for anything possible even broom! We were aghast! Broom in one’s vehicle? What for? 

Please I’d like to know if not having a broom in your car is an offence to be counted by VIO!

God is watching you officials in Omni virtual reality.👀🕵 #smh

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