So Much For A Mother…

When women in the bus are on your case, you know you are in for a bad time.

One of the passengers of the bus I boarded from Ogba to Mile 2 some days ago paid for two seats but sat on 2 and half seats. Lol. She had three children and an elderly woman. She carried one of the children on her laps, the other two were on top of each other’s laps 

When she was told to adjust, she mentioned that was how they (all of them) sat in the bus she alighted from and there was no issue, so people on her row ignored.

Few minutes after, the person to occupy the seat that was left on that same roll arrived. She had an older child which she also had to put on her lap. You bet it wasn’t comfortable, however, no one spoke about it because the door of the bus was firmly closed.

It was when somebody who had been standing in the bus got down and the door wasn’t as firm as before that we (passengers) began to reason if only that woman would adjust her children, then this other one would find respite. 

When some of us couldn’t take it anymore, they began throwing words like ‘you are a wicked woman’ ‘it’s the way you treat others that you’d be treated’… Just then the woman(who had the children) flared up. ‘How would I know she’s uncomfortable?’ (Referring to the other woman)

I reasoned, some human beings are kinda selfish! You know that the seat is meant for four passengers, but you allowed your children to take part of the seat someone else should’ve occupied and you say you didn’t know it was uncomfortable! So much for a mother. She wasn’t even sober!

Trust Lagosians, they escalated the matter. Even when the person affected had gotten down and appreciated all, they did not desist! They continued ranting. I got down and I could still hear their voices! I really do hope it didn’t result into a fisticuffs. 

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  1. oluchee says:

    human beings are not kinda selfish. They are selfish majority of the time. We all need Jesus!

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