What Happened To Manners?

It was torture all the way in the hands of a mature lady from Ikeja to Aswani (where she alighted).

She started on the phone not mindful she was in a public transport. She spoke so loud and fast! Even the person at the receiving end could not get a word out! she cared less who was listening or even affected. 

She dished out such classified information with names of different companies which have business relations with hers. I looked back at intervals to see if she would get the message I tried passing across to her with my gestures. she didn’t bulge.

It was so bad that the man beside me had to say ‘sorry’ to me. He understood the effect of the noise.

She rammed on till she mispronounced ‘helter-skelter’ as ‘helter-scatter’ #smh

That’s how important information are gotten and worked on by unsuspecting criminals, causing the company more harm than good.

As if that was not enough, our driver stopped abruptly, making us wonder what was wrong, only to see him get down from his seat, positioned himself beside his door and eased himself! Yes, you read well.

We were so irritated! What the h….! And to think the old man had been insulting fellow drivers all through the journey. Simple manners, he lacked! Mtschew!!!

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