Danfo Must Go… Yea or Nay?

The public bus I boarded yesterday noon was as peaceful as air until an argument ensued.

We encountered an artificial traffic at PWD area of Lagos. When we eventually made our way through, one of us (passengers) went on casting aspersions on yellow bus drivers. He mentioned how they have become a menace on our roads in present times. He, however, is happy with the Ambode administration’s decision to phase yellow buses out of Lagos’ transportation system. 

Hardly had he finished when the conductor and driver chorused their displeasure at the man’s statement. The driver further threw a simple question at him- What is the job of LASTMA officials?

The man (an auto mobile mechanic, his work overall gave him away) and some other passengers replied that LASTMA is saddled with the responsibility of making sure there’s free flow of traffic. However, they have neglected (to a large extent) their duties. They simple collect money from the drivers instead. 

The driver pointed out that if officials do their work with integrity, there won’t be need for the new policy.

Meanwhile, the Auto Mechanic still stood by his submission that our roads should be rid of yellow buses. 

When the driver saw he wasn’t going to bulge, he replied him in vernacular thus ‘if that was your area of business, where you make endsmeet, you won’t be talking that way’. That didn’t deter the man. 

The madam seated beside me chipped in rhetorically “is Lagos State ready for this?” “what measures have they put in place to make sure that these drivers are employed in the new scheme?” Else armed robbery will be rife in the coming days, she quickly added.

Driver, in a sarcastic manner said they are waiting for March. As a matter of fact March is here.

So let’s talk people. What’s your own opinion about this issue. Do we usually look at matters holistically or are we biased most of the times, especially when we are the worst hit of any such policies?

Do we really need yellow buses at this time?

Do you think phasing out yellow buses is viable? Do you think we have enough BRT buses to kick off this project? Can it be sustained?

Please drop your comments below. Xoxo.

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  1. Oluwaseyi Agbeke Adesokan says:

    We aren’t ready for phasing out of yellow buses as the number of brt buses can’t adequately cater for our transport needs. What about areas that the brt doesn’t yet cover? Why not get better buses and incorporate these drivers into the scheme? Phasing it isn’t always the answer

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