Who Lawlessness Epp?๐Ÿ˜œ

That moment you’ve been indoors for many days and the first time you step out of the house, you couldn’t but be amused at the scenario that played out before your very eyes.

It was a sunny Thursday afternoon at Ikeja around Ayinke hospital area. In a twinkle of an eye, we (my friend and I) saw an elderly man run after a cab while shouting down the driver to drop his bag! 

We got wind of the fact that the cab (those painted in blue, that usually ply the Muhritala Mohammed Airport) was not supposed to stop at this particular place (BRT terminus facing LASUTH on your way to MM airport). When the driver saw a towing vehicle from his side mirror, he barely waited for the man to get down before zooming off.

Thus the elderly man (would be in his 50s going by his looks) dressed in suit under the hot sun gave the cab a hot pursuit. Whether he finally met the cab driver, we are not sure but I followed the man with my gaze even as he navigated medical road (leading to computer village)

It was a mixed feeling for me. Although I couldn’t but burst into laughter because of the manner in which the scene played out. I still felt for the man.

That saying that says a wicked runs when no one pursues is apt here! The towing vehicle was not even interested in the cab man, however because the driver knew he had ran foul of the law he panicked and in turn caused an elderly man more stress than he envisaged! 

We, drivers and passengers alike need be mindful of our actions and/or inactions to laws! Let’s be law abiding please. It takes nothing away from us. It will actually pay us in the long run.

Remember short cuts are not short in the long run! 

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