Which is Ideal? Danfo or Cabs?

It was a smooth ride this time last week from Lagos to Ibadan. Traffic was very mild and friendly.

As we got some miles before Iwo road, my driver shouted loud (gesturing to his side of road). It was a commercial bus whose break failed while on top speed. Thank God nobody was injured. Although a passerby escaped by whiskers. 

This incident got us wondering. 

The driver by reason of that incidence had the opportunity to air his opinion on why commuters should patronise cars/cabs as against long buses (paragon especially). 

Majority who drive commercial cars are owners of such cars, which means they have a stake; 90% of long bus drivers, popularly called danfos are usually drunk before handling the wheels, he finished.

While still ruminating on his submissions, he explained further (in response to why these so called drunks cannot be cautioned) that those who sell alcoholic drinks are either wives or side chicks to coordinators of bus parks. 

If drivers are banned from drinking, these women go back complaining of low sales. 

Having said that, he moved unto other matters.

I think he made a point there, however, everyone is responsible for him/herself. If one is self governed, you needn’t anyone to tell you not to drink and drive, or even board a bus when one has identified that the driver about to drive is tipsy or drunk.

As for me, I resolved to entering tricycles where necessary, if not, my other option is to shine my eyes👀. May affliction not rise a second time. That said and done, may God continue to protect us.

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