Softly! Softly! Oga🤡

Reminiscing this rainy Wednesday on some characters I’ve encountered this my commuter life. Whew! 
I recall an incident that happened when Lagos mainland (Ikeja, Acme, Agege, Agidingbi and Ogba axes) was on a lock down on the 9th of May when APC had their congress at their Acme secretariat with respect to the forthcoming LG elections. 

According to eyewitnesses Acme road was cordoned off because the Lagos State Gov Ambode and Jagaban was in the hood. Hmmnn!

We waited in vain on the queue as tricycle drivers refused to get into the traffic from whence they came. Those who decided to risk it inflated the fare from 150 naira to 250 naira or 300 naira as their church mind dictated. 

While on the queue, I decided to make a few calls, which ultimately saw me decide against going my initial route- Opebi.

I was still taking a rest under a shade when I heard my name. I looked towards the direction of the voice, alas, it was a family friend. She was already late for work and she wasn’t even near ready to go on the queue. I decided to trade places with her, only if those behind me agreed to it. 

As usual, there was a bit of murmurs, especially from two men. She notwithstanding got my spot in the queue. 

I made sure she boarded a tricycle before leaving the park. 

A day after, we met in my area and she gave me some gists about what transpired on their way to Opebi.

Apparently, due to the sudden increase in the fare, one of the men who had booed my friend didn’t have enough money on him. He thus resorted to begging her. 

What a man! He knew he was going to be needing favour however little but also discountenanced my little favour of trading places with my friend. Na wa!

A se e o ti e le boda, ogboju le n lo (please ask your neighbour😀) was my friend’s inner response… And not to forget that she actually gave her token!

According to her, they had a jolly good ride as all passengers shared gist amongst themselves.

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