Tricycle Business: One To Consider👍🏼😉

I have observed lately that there have been a proliferation of female tricycle drivers in Lagos and I’ve just been curious as well about what could have informed their decision to be a tricycle rider- a proud one at that!
 Photo credit: CPAfrica

We (my hubby, a friend and I) boarded a tricycle few days ago, it was a lady who drove it. As she was about starting the journey, an agbero dared to stop her (apparently, the place she stopped to pick us up wasn’t a bus stop). The lady just ignored him and started off.

Our friend talked back mildly with a smile, you are supposed to encourage females drivers and not try to bully them. The lady driver replied “I no even get im time…”. We all smiled. 

Soon, our friend continued the conversation. He shared his experience and the discussion he had with a male tricycle driver who used to drive another’s but now a proud owner of one. He revealed that drivers really do make money from the business. At least a daily income of fifteen thousand is assured for a serious minded driver. 

I was astonished. 

Our lady driver did not utter a word. She just concentrated on her driving. Meanwhile, I felt her face was familiar. It was not until I got to my bus stop that I asked if she knew me. Alas, she mentioned my church. Oh whao! I was glad. She attested to the fact that she was satisfied with her job. 

Then I recalled my interaction with a young lady driver who gave an insight to her preference for tricycle driving.

Me interacting with the young lady driver.

Well, this goes to show there are no excuses for anyone! You chat the course you want to follow! Either a beggar or a responsible and dignified being. Remember, no condition is permanent. 

After all, four hundred and fifty thousand (450k) in a month no be joke o! Issokay!!!

A driver today may become the driven tomorrow, it’s a matter of choice!

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