‘Spespe’ Ladies, Get In Here😜😂

I had a 9am appointment today, so I decided to employ the service of an Uber driver. I found out early this year that Uber sometimes are quite affordable, reliable and convenient. I love to indulge myself at times.

So I got into the waiting Peugeot 307, then the driver told me he just realised the AC unit isn’t working. Oh I said he shouldn’t worry, I wouldn’t be needing it. The weather is just fine for me. (I dig not ACs really! It doesn’t just work for me. I’m always too freaking cold! Someone once teased that I can’t live in Canada.. Well…)

The driver was glad. He said I’m not like all those ‘spespe’ ladies! Even if they are cold, they’d still want to have the AC blasting! Lol!

I guess they just want to make good use of their money biko. To take Uber no be moin moin ke, hehehe!!! 

I smiled and enjoyed my ride down to Opebi. 

… But why attach ‘status’ to the use of AC when it’s designed for day to day comfort, as long as you can afford it? Even then, my not using or using the AC doesn’t necessarily change who I am! Does it? #stoppretendingbiko

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