Talk of Creativity👍🏼…

That moment you are caught in between your love for a dress (and not wanting to let go) and the discomfort you have from the style cut of that same dress. 

I got on the queue after buying my ticket at the Ojota BRT terminus only to notice this ‘yellow’ babe right in front of me. She had this beautiful short gown (It was so colourful she couldn’t go unnoticed). 

A prolonged look at her made me see what she actually did to the gown. Whao!!! she had it sashed with lace at the back. Guess she was uncomfortable with the low back style but loved the gown. I guess a lot of we ladies do that often to things we love and don’t want to discard! 

Talk of creativity, this is one right here. It was neatly done too😉.


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