LASTMA Dey Worry🤑⚔️

It was a long day yesterday. It seemed as though I went out on a physical exercise spree. I had to walk long distance from one garage to another before boarding buses. I didn’t mind though, since exercise is good for the body they say. I was soon tired 😴 out, hence the late post!

Ok on my way back from Egbeda area of Lagos State, I boarded a bus 🚌 going back to Agege from Iyana-Ipaja. We had a smooth ride until we got to Agbotikuyo area where LASTMA official flagged down our bus. The driver did not use his seat belt until he noticed LASTMA officials at the T-Junction, but apparently, the official had the eye of an eagle. 

Photo credit: Vanguard News

To cut the long story short, the driver refused to succumb to the request of the officials to park well (he obstructed traffic a bit). Omo, the driver just resorted to blackmailing the officials o. He kept shouting atop his voice, “Wetin I do? You no see me wear belt? … “na only me?, since the past two weeks, I don be una victim” “I no get family for house? Wetin?” He kept lamenting. Pointing to one of them, he continued “na so this one tell me say I go see, say e go show me for this road…” ” I no dey go anywhere today”. 

We, the passengers pleaded that he should get us off at the bus stop. He declined completely. I guess he knew if he moved an inch another 20k go drop be dat. Remember Friday is a holiday and officials gas chop na. Lol. As a matter of fact the driver got down from his seat 💺, pocketed his bus keys and said he wasn’t going to move an inch except he was allowed to go free. I think he figured the only way out was to play dirty.

Some passengers already found other means. I waited a bit in the bus because I was fagged out. When I figured the ‘serenren’ won’t be over soon, I took the next available bus. To my chagrin, by the time I almost got to the bus stop, I saw the two LASTMA officials who had done us a disservice earlier. I was aghast, what the ** (In this economy, they made me pay extra, if not much..)! But then I was glad the driver prevailed. Not that I condone his acts but some LASTMA officials are lawbreakers themselves, and partial in the rendering of their duties.

LASTMA officials are ‘two-faced’ lol. If not that I’ve seen some hardworking and loyal ones amongst them, I’d have concluded LASTMA is a fraud!!!

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