Change Palaver!

I don’t even know how to start off this story! 

I boarded a bus from Iyana Ipaja garage to Agege (will be plying that route for the most part of this week though), guess what! The driver who gave LASTMA officials a show for what they are worth the other day drove it. This time, it was another type of vehicle. I thought to myself, interesting! (I really do hope the other bus was not grounded by them).

Anyways, As we moved on, it was time to pay our fares. I gave 200 Naira for 2 persons in order to ease the stress of having to be joined together with someone else because of ‘change’. 

As it happened, I was left without my change. I kept asking, but the driver declined owing anyone change. I was beginning to think that truly the driver is trouble personified.

So how 100 Naira con take waka na?

I fumed, got calm, kept quiet. At a point I couldn’t take it anymore. Am I been taken for a fool or what? I spoke up. “Would I pay 200 Naira for the price of 100?” Issokay. 

By the time I kept quiet, there was a lady in the bus who insisted that another lady had extras with her. I couldn’t even be bothered. I resigned to fate. By the time we got to our final stop, I got down and walked off quickly, then I heard people calling me, I refused to respond. 

The driver drove forward and said to me “somebody dey call you” I couldn’t be bothered either.

The lady came running after me, got my attention, stretched out the 100 Naira. Pissed, I asked “how did you come about this 100 Naira?” she replied “I checked and found I have extra with me”. I shook my head with disgust written all over my face, reluctantly collected the money and turned to leave. “Ndo” she blurted and walked back.

What incident that was! That’s why I don’t usually like to get entangled with issues of money especially in a public transport. It could be messy. I almost accused somebody else but for wisdom! Whew!

CHANGE: the balance of money received when the amount you tender is greater than the amount due. (Word Web)

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