Zip-Up! It applies to the mouth too! Aargh!!!

That moment you have that feeling your co-passenger is trouble. 

As soon as she entered the tricycle, her mouth started to work. She kept pointing out unnecessary things on our way. Then the tricycle jacked. “Take it easy”, the elderly woman said. The passenger seated next to the driver replied her “is not his fault” (in Yoruba accent). Hardly had he finished when the woman snapped at him “what are you saying? Me that I’ve been driving before you were born!” 

Shoo! Kí la gbé, kí le jù! (I reasoned). The guy tried to explain that his intention was not to blame her, he just wanted her to know that what just happened was not the driver’s fault. Moreover, we tend to blame drivers for everything that goes wrong. This woman disregarded his explanation, continued raving and ranting, you’d think there was something else to it. 

“He no get gear?” Her response caused everyone to chuckle. The driver and his supporter concluded the woman need not be argued with! 
She kept spewing trash. The other guy got pissed “Do you know me? I be int’l driver”! “Driving is driving! no one is int’l or not” she retorted. “Sé you know me? I be fàyàwó…”, the guy continued. “Hospital wà o”, I interrupted. Still the woman didn’t stop! I paid my fare, collected my change and strolled away. 

Whew! What human being she is! How do her children cope? Some people just love to talk e! 🙅🏽

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