Different people, Different Characters!

Nigerians can worry!

The AC unit of the BRT bus I boarded to Ikorodu some hours ago was turned off by the driver. Some of us noticed and asked the driver why he did so. He replied that the bus was beginning to overheat.

We thought that was good enough reason, however, he should have informed us instead of just going ahead, only for this ego stricken man to bark at the driver!

Did you tell them at the office that you had to put the AC off… (can this man hear himself speak?)🙄. The driver was polite enough to reiterate the reason for his actions and apologised. The man won’t hear of it, he became a nuisance! Next thing, the driver retorted “if it was your private car, wouldn’t you put off the AC?”. The man continued ranting and a number of us were displeased with his behaviour.

Just to buttress his point, he boasted of having AC unit in his house! Duh, na by like that? When he saw that he wasn’t pulling any loyalty, he just stylishly kept quiet!

Or what should the driver have done please?

#thursdaywaka #commuterexperience #brt #doalc

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