Today’s Movement

I woke up this morning, thinking (aloud) about how I’d navigate my way to Ikeja this tricycle ban season…

Hubby supplied that there are more LBSL Buses now plying Ogba-Ikeja axis of Lagos. As usual I wasn’t so keen with the information.

I got to Ogba bus stop and voila, the buses were there loading (opposite Tantalizers eatery). Without further ado, I got on the queue.

I enjoyed the AC like I would in the usual BRT buses, although the sun seem to be hotter sha. Little differences I see.. the structure/frame of the vehicle obviously, USB charger port, instructions on how to engage the bus, lol, and then some seats are reserved for some special people as you’d notice in the pic, one of which I sat on.

In all, I was glad I didn’t have to stay on a queue for too long for any form of transportation whatsoever.

#doalc #mywaka #commuterseries #lagbus #movement

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