I was tagged in this beautiful piece written by one of my big sisters, @comfortspiff enjoy✌️



I was to deliver lunch at a very short notice yesterday to Ikoyi and Magodo. Both clients were referred and were ordering for the first time, so I couldn’t afford a poor impression.

All set. I knew that driving to Ikoyi/Magodo at that time was totally out of it, considering the traffic. So I hopped on Opay. Yes, Opay! for the veeeery first time! He was to take me to Ikoyi, to Magodo and then back to Ogba.



I dropped the Ikoyi order and headed for Magodo. On getting to the gate, the security men said the Opay could only go as far as the main gate. So I asked the guy to wait, while I joined a shuttle bus to my client’s place.



I got into the back seat and sat between 2 young boys, probably in their 20’s. Just then I opened my handbag to bring out my fare and suddenly realised I didn’t leave home with my wallet!. I quietly but desperately searched my bag, hoping to find some miracle money somewhere but there was none. So I just sat there, trying to compose the “tales by moonlight” that I was going to render to the driver and at the same time, getting myself mentally prepared for the outcome.



Suddenly the bus stopped and the boy on my right stepped down, handed N200 note to the driver and said “for me and the woman at the back”. I managed to throw a “Thank you” at him as the bus began to move. Then the boy on my left went… “Madam, are you going out again?”

Me: Yes I am

Boy: How much do you need to get to where you are going?

Me: I only need N100 to get back to the gate.

The boy brought out N200, gave the driver for his fare, collected N100 change and gave it to me.



There’s indeed hope for Nigeria!

PS: I can just imagine what embarrassment she’d have received from the driver or even the kind of looks (from co-passengers) that would have follow her as she strung the words of plea together if she hadn’t been helped. We still have some good Nigerians- youths for that matter! Our future is indeed bright.

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